December 9, 2022
Top tips for promoting lease-to-own financing

Top tips for promoting lease-to-own financing

In order to really reap the benefits of lease-to-own, however, you have to properly promote it. After all, you can’t attract customers who may be interested in or benefit from LTO if they don’t know it’s available at your store. Use these three tactics for effective lease-to-own promotion to help achieve maximum results:

1. Add lease-to-own messaging throughout your store
Point-of-purchase (POP) materials are an essential element in promoting your LTO financing. Displaying POP materials such as signage, posters, brochures, or banners both inside and outside your store can take the guesswork out of shoppers wondering if there’s financing available while also attracting them to your business. A company like Snap Finance provides a variety of attention-grabbing displays for tire store owners to use, making it easy to alert customers at various touchpoints that lease-to-own financing is available — from driving by your store, to browsing, to waiting in line. Snap Partners can conveniently access and download POP materials in their Merchant Portal, allowing store owners to choose the displays that work best for them.

2. Build awareness through marketing
Marketing campaigns are an easy yet effective way to promote your lease-to-own financing. Not sure where to start or too busy running your tire business to do so? No problem! With a company like Snap, you can have your marketing done for you. All Snap Partners are automatically enrolled in the EDGE program. This omnichannel marketing program communicates and engages with consumers through targeted email, text messages, and direct mail campaigns to drive new and repeat business to your store. It’s a competitive advantage that can increase your secondary finance sales up to 35%1!