Tesla Puts his Label on Tequila

Tesla Puts his Label on Tequila

Tesla Puts his Label on Tequila

Every company tries harder to sell their shares, and increase and upgrade the rank of their company. Tesla is also doing the same in all possible ways, it is hereby said that tesla has labelled its brand name on the bottle of the Tequila.

The bottle of the tequila was not sold for cheap, it was an expensive bottle of tequila. The complete stock of the tequila vanished in just a few minutes, which indicates a great sale of the company Tesla. The label was obviously put there to get some profit with the liquor. Liquor is one of the most sold items, especially in the clubs. This tequila was sold in a few states of the U.S, and it is very sure that incoming week Tesla’s share is going to increase.

Now, the company is not the same, it is rejuvenating and trying to become better than it was before. In the present year, in the present year, tesla earned a profit of almost $300 million this year.  This profit is more than in the previous years and more than in the previous quarters. It looks like people are liking electric cars and the cars are hitting its side.

However, this is not the first time when tesla is putting their label on some product before tesla put their label on short shorts. On that time also, the selling was amazing and it slashes the website all the products were sold in just a few minutes. Well, it’s not that bad an idea and the company also gets to earn a huge profit, above all the name of the company is also advertised.

This bottle of tequila which was sold in just minutes being an expensive bottle, it is surely going to change the story of the company.

Undoubtedly, Tesla has suffered a lot of loss in the stock market during the electric car abonnement. The tesla stock (TSLA stock price) was decreasing continuously, after the problem with the electric cars, and people were not ready to buy the sales of the tesla.

This was all about the past stock market value, now let’s see what is happening with the current scenario of the stock market. Now, the stock market of the Tesla is fine, with few ups and downs but the overall rating is better than it was at the time of the electric car.

But maybe these small achievements will be counted and Tesla will be counted in one of the best companies, even in its automobiles sale too. You need check its cash flow at https://www.webull.com/cash-flow/nasdaq-tsla before buying its stock.