Health Benefits Of Lebanese Food: Why Lebanese Restaurants In Northbridge And Chatswood Are Popular

Lebanese food from its authentic roots is exceptionally delicious, but what makes it all the more fascinating is its facilitation towards health. These are ranked among the world’s healthiest cuisines and a fantastic choice for health enthusiasts. Lebanese dishes also effectively beat the ill-conceived stereotype of healthy food not tasting good because these are mouth-wateringly delicious. That’s why Lebanese restaurants in Chatswood and Northbridge are gaining attention among the locals and are popular eating joints among many individuals.

The health benefits of staple Lebanese ingredients that were well known since ancient times but are being acknowledged and celebrated today have been elucidated below. Most of these are critical components of Lebanese dishes that are bound to be available in any restaurants offering this specialty cuisine in Northbridge or Chatswood. These include:

  1. Fresh ingredients: Traditionally, Lebanese cuisine has utilised fresh local ingredients, ensuring that maximum nutritional benefits are derived from every bite. This use of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the local area minimises the environment’s impact as no resource-intensive transportation efforts are demanded. These are given in all credible restaurants in Chatswood offering Lebanese food.
  2. Spices, not sauces: The mouth-watering taste of the decadent Lebanese dishes comes from the considerately selected herbs and spices instead of the heavy sauces that many other cuisines favour. As a result, this ensures the flavour quotient is inversely proportional to its constitution of saturated fats in Lebanese food.
  3. The use of olive oil: As opposed to butter, cream or other dairy products for essential cooking, Lebanese food leans towards olive oil. The benefits of which have been well known in cooking circles. They are adept at lowering one’s cholesterol, controlling blood sugar levels, and boosting the heart’s overall health. Olive oil might have a high level of fat content; however, these are monounsaturated fatty acids that are intrinsically good for you. Olive oil is highly likely to be a fixture in the kitchens of any Lebanese restaurants in Northbridge or Chatswood.
  4. Low in starch: In contrast to most western foods, Lebanese dishes use very limited, if any, starchy ingredients. You’ll likely find rice or lentils on your plates instead of the typical potatoes, noodles or processed bread.
  5. Lots of lambs: When it comes to meat choices, lamb has forever been a winner in Lebanese cuisine; this is favourable since they are known to be a significantly healthier option in competition to red meat. Lambs are high in protein, niacin, selenium, vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorus and a good source of essential fatty acids.
  6. A focus on vegetarian options: Refreshingly, Lebanese food creates all vegetarian meals. You’ll be surprised at the deliciousness of vegetarian pizza toppings that consist of mushrooms, feta, olives, jalapeños, and halloumi.

The pointers mentioned above highlight the diverse health-related distinctions that Lebanese cuisine offers. Consider the following and seek out the nearest Lebanese speciality restaurants in Chatswood to revel in the best taste and health in one plate.